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Annual Fala Day

October 30, 2015


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For the last six months people have consistently asked me why do we have two Fala events this year.  There has been much confusion.  The following has been my answer to this question.  The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta Board of Directors received on the afternoon of April 6, 2014, the day after our Specialty Show, the following e-mail from a former member who had resigned in December, 2013.

2014’s Little White House Mascot; Robbie

Fala look-a-like 1

Robbie is the winner of the Fala Look A Like contest. He is now the OFFICIAL mascot for the Little White House and will reign until a new one is selected at the next Fala Day. His image will be used by the park through out the year.  Congratulations to Deb and Jerry Lynch for being owned by such a famous Scotty.


In response to the information contained in this e-mail, the Board made the decision that even though the date (first Saturday of November) for Fala Day had been appropriated, the 30th celebration of Fala Day by the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta would be held.  Since many of STCGA’s membership had expressed the desire to return to the FDR Little White House Historic State Park in Warm Springs, where the event had been sponsored by STCGA for twenty five years, contact was made, and the Park Superintendent welcomed STCGA back home. In the process of obtaining permission to return to this special site, the facts of why we had lost the site was revealed.  This information has been posted on our website for a number of months now, and STCGA pledged to the Park Superintendent that such incidents would not occur again.  Since the actual date of Fala Day was not historically connected, it was agreed between the Park and STCGA that the 30th celebration of Fala Day would now be the last Saturday of October.  Work and preparation began.  We had many current members who had participated and worked in previous Fala Days. We had the original Fala Day Chair, Herschal Hill and full cooperation of the Park Staff, all of whom expressed delight at our return.  This past Saturday, October 25, 2014, the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta celebrated its historical 30th anniversary Fala Day in the location that Fala himself had lived and walked with his beloved master, our 32nd President.  We kept all of our beloved traditions, including the re-dedication of the Rainbow Plaques, the reading of the Rainbow Bridge Ceremony on behalf of our fallen Scots, stories of Fala as told by the Park’s interpretative Ranger, our annual parade to the Little White House front for photos, all accompanied by our bagpiper. There were two beautiful anniversary cakes to accompany the Bar BQ and picnic lunches that our crowd of Scottie lovers and curious general public enjoyed.  The contests were fun with the winner of the Fala Look Alike contest Robbie becoming the Fala mascot for the Little White House for the year.  The new contest for our lassies I wanna be a Fala fiery femme fatale was a hit, the Halloween Costume contest was funny and the Circle of Heroes for our loved rescues brought both tears and smiles. The 50-50 raffle brought smiles to the winner.  Dozens of adorable Scotties, a great crowd of smiling people, a gorgeous fall day in the Flagship Park of Georgia, celebrating that icon of our breed, Fala, that is what Fala Day was originally meant to be and continues to be.


We are sorry regarding the confusion, but as the facts indicate, we took circumstances not of our making and used them to continue the wonderful history of our club’s celebration of Fala Day.  The Original Fala Day will be returning in 2015.  We hope you can join us for our 31st FALA DAY!


Judith S. Helton, Chair of 2014 Fala Day Committee




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